Bed Bug Eradication - Information on Bed Bugs

Effective Treatment Of Infestation By Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are bloodsucking parasites feeding on humans, chickens, bats and some domestic animals. A bed bug bite is painless but their saliva can cause irritation, swelling and redness.

They feed at night or at any time if the room is dark and live in bedclothes, mattresses, bedsprings and frames, soft furnishing, cracks and crevices and under wallpaper.

Females lay between 200-500 eggs in batches of 10-50, on rough surfaces such as wood or paper. Eggs are white, sticky and about 1/3 inch long. They are laid in cracks or crevices, never on people. A bed bugs entire life cycle can take between 5 weeks to 4 months, depending upon the temperature and availability of food.

Because they are so small, bed bugs are hard to see. They do leave signs that they are present, such as black or brown spots of dried blood, eggs, egg shells and cast skins on the surfaces where the bugs rest.

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Based in Bromley, DB Pest Management Ltd are ideally located to provide treatments for bed bugs in Bromley, Beckenham & the surrounding areas of Croydon, Lewisham, Dulwich, Blackheath, Greenwich, Eltham, Canary Wharf, Crystal Palace and Surrey Quays.

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