Fox Control - Solutions for Fox in South East London & Kent

Why Do We Need To Control Foxes?

Fox control is becoming a necessity within urban areas, foxes have adapted to living alongside man in built up areas and their numbers are spiralling out of control. The ways we live have helped to accelerate the rate of reproduction in the urban fox. This is down to large volumes of food waste not being stored securely, patios/sheds etc being built giving foxes a safe, warm and dry area to burrow under.

Fox activity poses little risk to human health, they also prove little risk to cats or dogs. Smaller pets like rabbits or guinea pigs must be kept in fox proof cages otherwise foxes can and will attack them.

They will however cause damage to structures when burrowing under them, their faeces and urine carry a very pungent distasteful smell that can linger for many days around your garden/bin area.

Feeding foxes is also, ironically one of the main reasons for needing to control their numbers, this extra food source (that they do not need) is helping to drive the number out of control. It is also making them become used to close encounters with human, we mistake this from them becoming ‘tame’ and this is often when accidents and attack may happen as foxes will defend themselves when they feel threatened.

In general foxes are more of a nuisance than a problem and our expert technicians will instigate all possible non-lethal methods of control to resolve the issue. If this is not possible then we ensure the foxes are removed in the most discreet and humane ways possible.

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Why Choose DB Pest Management Ltd For Fox Control Problems?

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How do we control foxes? There are lethal and non-lethal options:

Education – the most important part of pest control, showing our clients what they can do to reduce fox activity in the area.

Proofing – ensuring the area is as unsuitable for fox inhabitants as possible, securely storing food waste and ensuring foxes cannot burrow under structures are the two main factors.

Live cage trapping – this can be a highly effective and discreet way to control foxes, open baited traps are set and will shut the fox in once is has entered. Following the legislations around trapping foxes the traps will be checked on a very regular basis (twice daily). If a fox is caught it will then be quickly and humanly dispatched *please note trapping, moving and then releasing foxes is against the law and will cause untold suffering to the animal.

Shooting – very rarely is this method use in urban area, but when it does a full site risk assessment is undertaken, our technician work on a Beyond Zero Harm protocol, in which and no time will they use potentially lethal methods if they deem there to be any chance of danger or harm caused using rifles. Our marksmen have years of experience in the use of firearms and all carry a full open firearms license, each member of our team goes through extensive government screening and routine checks to insure they are both capable and trained in the use of firearms.

The use of rifles can be a very time efficient and humane way to reduced fox numbers on a particular piece of land.

Dead fox removal – our technicians can remove dead foxes from your property, once they are removed, they will be disposed of through incineration or hazardous waste removal *DB Pest Management are registered waste carriers. Our technicians will then decontaminate the area with professional grade biocides. It is essential this is done by a professional as some chemicals will be unsafe to use outside.

Based in Bromley, DB Pest Management Ltd are ideally located to provide fox control in Bromley, Beckenham & the surrounding areas of Croydon, Lewisham, Dulwich, Blackheath, Greenwich, Eltham, Canary Wharf, Crystal Palace and Surrey Quays.

All work is carried out to the highest standards, and at very competitive prices. Our staff are fully qualified to RSPH (Level 2) Award in Pest Management and can carry out a free survey and provide a detailed report, itemising our findings, recommendations and the cost of providing this service.

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